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Developing Your Own Spirituality

Presenter: Michael Whelan SM

Where: Sydney

When: 2006

Cost: Free to watch and download


The aim of this course is to assist participants to develop an approach to everyday living which will promote a well-grounded personal spirituality. Spirituality is first and last about relationships – with God (however you name God), yourself, other people and the events and things of the world. Spirituality is never private though it is always personal. It begins by listening effectively – “with the ear of the heart” as St Benedict says – to what is going on.

Listening enables awakening, Awakening enables freedom. Freedom is at the heart of being fully alive. Spirituality comes as gift, not conquest, by facilitation, not mastery. Spirituality is graced emergence, a being loved into freedom!

Specifically Christian spirituality is an awakening to Jesus Christ at the heart of life, “the Way”.

Additional recording in 1985 also available below.

Unit 1

Unit 2

Unit 3

Unit 4

Christian Life Formation Session 1 1985

Christian Life Formation Session 2 1985

Christian Life Formation Session 3 1985

Christian Life Formation Session 4 1985

Christian Life Formation Session 5 1985

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